Venturing Out with Madeleine Ludlow

March 8, 2021

Venturing Out is a video series from H Venture Partners about life after the corporate C-suite. Founder and managing partner Elizabeth Edwards talks to consumer executives about the next phase of their careers, and what led them to become involved in venture capital investing.

From investment banking to corporate finance, startups to venture capital, Madeleine Ludlow has done it all. She started her career working on Wall Street at Morgan Stanley, but after her son was born, she decided to make a shift to the corporate side. After five years at an electric utility company in New Jersey, she was recruited to join Fortune 200-company Cinergy as Vice President and CFO. That role was based in Cincinnati, and believe it or not, she’s never left.

After she left Cinergy, Madeleine ran a venture-backed startup, founded an investment banking firm, and then co-founded West Capital Partners, the venture firm where Elizabeth and Madeline met. Madeleine brought her years of financial and business discipline to West Capital, investing in companies like (IPO), developing a unique triage system to score investments that has now become part of H Venture Partners’ secret sauce. She’s tried to “retire” a few times, but realized a life on the golf course just isn’t for her -- and H Venture Partners provided a unique opportunity to keep using her years of experience. “I wanted to keep engaged,” she says. “I wanted to keep doing what I was doing.” In this episode of Venturing Out, hear more about how Madeleine’s journey, and what she brings to the HVP portfolio companies.

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