Female Founders

Less than 2% of venture dollars are invested in women, representing a significant opportunity.

More than half of consumer startups we talk to have at least one female founder.

While we don’t exclusively invest in female founded companies, we believe they represent a compelling investment opportunity.

After years of investing in early stage companies, Elizabeth realized that female-founded companies weren’t getting the kind of traction from investors that they deserved.

One reason: less than 10% of VCs are women. On one hand, the lack of funding for female founders offends our sense of justice. As investors, we think it impacts returns. We believe that the opportunity cost of this implicit bias is not insignificant - and everyone loses out: consumers looking for brands that get them, female founders starting companies, and investors losing out on potential returns.

The vast majority of the founders we talk to are women. And they are creating amazing brands that we are proud to call partners.

“You are our target customer and you get what we’re trying to do.”

– Rachel Drori, Daily Harvest

“Most investors we pitched couldn’t try the product.”

– Molly Hayward, Cora

We believe that having women on your team is a good idea.

According to First Round Capital, companies with a female founder performed 63% better than investments with all-male founding teams. According to Credit Suisse, companies with at least one woman on the board outperform their peers by 26%.

We think venture capital needs more women.

85% of consumer purchasing is done by women.

Only 10% of venture investors are women.

Morgan Stanley calls this the Trillion Dollar Blindspot

We are tackling what Morgan Stanley calls The Trillion Dollar Blindspot in early stage investing. We believe in diverse teams - and there's a whole lot of research out there that agrees.

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